Directives for Office of Mission Assurance

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Number Title Date Outdated
1000.2A OMA GSA Clearance Verification-Passing Procedures 05/22/2024 05/31/2027
1000.3 OMA CHGE 1 Responsibilities for Implementation of Facility Security Assessment Countermeasures 01/18/2018 01/20/2025
1025.1 ADM Procedures for the U.S. General Services Administration Classified Couriers 03/09/2017 03/09/2024
1025.4 ADM Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility Use (SCIF) Policy 12/14/2020 12/14/2027
1080.1 OMA Order of Succession - Office of Mission Assurance (OMA) 05/19/2021 05/19/2028
2181.1A ADM Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12, Personal Identity Verification and Credentialing, and Background Investigations for Contractors 03/27/2024 03/31/2027
2400.2 OMA CHGE 2 Events Requiring Notification to the GSA Emergency Operations Center 05/14/2018 05/14/2025
2405.1 ADM Payments and Leave Benefits for Employees Authorized to Evacuate During Disaster or Other Emergency Situations 05/27/2021 05/27/2028
2425.1 ADM GSA National Alert and Accountability System Policy 09/30/2022 09/30/2029
5400.1A ADM Meetings with Representatives of Foreign Governments or Foreign Industry, Foreign Travel, and Foreign Contacts 07/01/2020 07/01/2027
5400.2A ADM General Services Administration Heads of Services and Staff Offices’ and Requesting Officials’ Roles and Responsibilities to Implement Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 03/27/2024 03/31/2027
5420.120 ADM Reviewing Transactions Filed with the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) 02/18/2022 02/18/2029
5450.152A ADM Designation of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Official (Senior Agency Official) 09/22/2016
5450.179 ADM Designation of the U.S. General Services Administration Designated Official for the GSA Headquarters Facility 02/07/2023 02/07/2030
5900.1 ADM Physical Access Control Systems in U.S. General Services Administration Controlled Space 04/14/2017 07/31/2024
7640.3 ADM Termination Process and Oversight of General Services Administration (GSA) Issued Facility Access Cards in GSA Controlled Space in Both Owned and Leased Facilities 09/16/2016 03/31/2024
9732.1E ADM Personnel Security and Suitability Program Handbook 03/12/2019 03/12/2026