IT Hardware

We offer a wide range of IT and telecommunications hardware and services for one-off purchases or as part of a total IT solution, including:

  • Communications equipment (landline phones including VoIP, modems, routers, switches, and wireless broadband devices);
  • Computing equipment (laptops, desktops, keyboards, electronic equipment, printers, scanners, copiers);
  • Fiber-optic equipment; and
  • Hardware services, such as maintenance (ie. SmartNet for Cisco products).


Features over 5,000 industry partners offering various commercial IT hardware products and services, including:

Use the Cooperative Purchasing Program to buy from MAS Information Technology.

Buy standard desktop and laptop arrangements through MAS Information Technology.

If your federal agency needs network and telecom labor, equipment, and support for buildings and campuses use GSA's inter-agency shared Connections II contract to get network framework solutions, including:
  • Customized client-specific systems
  • Structure design, install, and fulfillment;
  • Expert services to support existing networks;
  • Upgrade network equipment, standards (including IPv6), and systems; and
  • Transition planning and integration services.

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Last Reviewed: 2022-05-25