Buildings and Real Estate Tools

Electronic Occupancy Agreement (EOA)

For GSA customer agencies. Register to view your occupancy agreement (including customer requirements and terms and conditions), costs, and a preview of your monthly rent bill.

Real Estate Disposal Search Tool

For agencies and the public. Search available properties, from office buildings to single-family homes.

Inventory of Owned and Leased Properties (IOLP)

For congressional staffers or businesses seeking opportunities in federal real estate. View data for GSA-owned and -leased properties using our predefined searches.

Rent on the Web (ROW)

For GSA customer agencies. View current monthly or historical rent bills online.

Map of Building Projects

For construction managers, builders, and project teams. Search maps of current and planned GSA construction and renovation/alteration projects.

Sustainable Facilities Tool (SFTool)

For facility managers, designers, tenants, and the general public. Learn about federal sustainability requirements, plan sustainable projects, and search and purchase sustainable products and services.

Last Reviewed: 2021-09-16