Technology Tools

8(a) STARS III Pricing Tool

For Purchasing Officers.
View labor hour ceiling rates for 8(a) STARS III industry partners with this market research and closeout tool.

Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) Transition Inventory

For EIS customers.
Plan, monitor, track, and report transition progress for active and disconnected services transitioning to EIS.

Data to Decisions (D2D)

For Purchasing Officers.
Access, create, and share dashboards, reports, and data sets.

IT Acquisition Gateway

For Purchasing Officers.
Get buying tools and connect with other federal buyers.

(D2D) Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC) Contract Dashboard

For purchasing officers and GWACs stakeholders.
View and segment information to improve business decisions.

IT Solutions Navigator

For Purchasing Officers.
Find the IT contract that meets your requirements.

(D2D) GWAC Prices Paid Dashboard

For GWAC customers.
Use the data in the dashboard to conduct realistic price analysis, negotiations, independent government cost estimates, and aid in benchmarking competitive pricing.

Telecommunications Ordering and Pricing System (TOPS) eBill

For Purchasing Officers.
Get billing reports for local telecommunications services.

Last Reviewed: 2021-11-02