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A collection of various facts from the year 1969 with accompanying images. R8 National Historic Preservation Month Time Capsule
Black and white photo of the Dick Cheney Federal Building. R8 National Preservation Month 2024 Card Set
Sitting room inside the LBJ Suite LBJ Suite: Before and After Photos
These images show the LBJ Suite before, during, after the conservation process, which took place during 2022-23. The LBJ Suite is located inside the historic J.J. Pickle Building in downtown Austin, Texas.
GSA Administrator Robin Carnahan (left) gets briefed on the Moss Modernization project by Erin Holcombe. Both are wearing white hard hats. R8 Administrator Press Event SLC
These photos highlight GSA Administrator Robin Carnahan's visit to Salt Lake City on March 12, 2024 to make a major funding announcement at the Frank E. Moss U.S. Courthouse
Coworking r3 Macquarie building 02 Workplace Macquarie building photos
Aerial view of a red brick office building surrounded by a seawall and boat basin with a small dock on river. A square yellow border. Former U.S. Coast Guard Shark River Station gallery
Photo gallery of former U.S. Coast Guard Shark River Station images exterior and interior.
A large, open kitchen area with two people on either side of a bar with stools, and kitchen appliances along a counter and wall containing t Federal coworking
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