Disputes Resolution


Within the Disputes Resolution Branch, we examine government transportation payments, identify any excess charges and oversee the document examination performed by Audit Contractors. These payments and documents are derived from the seven modes of transportation, which are described below. Specialists within the Disputes Resolution Branch concentrate on one or more of the seven modes of transportation.

The Transportation Audits Division works on a range of transportation methods, and classifies these various forms of transportation methods into seven modes of transportation. These modes are as follows:

  • Air Cargo/Freight means the shipment of commodities by air Transportation Service Providers and forwarders.
  • Passenger means the transportation of individuals by air, rail, or bus vessels.
  • Household Goods Domestic means any loose household goods and crated or boxed general freight. Electronic instruments shipped by household goods, motor TSPs (under their household goods tariffs), and tenders are included in this category.
  • Household Goods Foreign means the international shipment of household goods, generally on International U.S. Government Bills of Lading by household goods forwarders.
  • Rail means all commodities shipped by rail.
  • Truck/Motor means the shipment of goods and people by truck or motor vehicle.
  • Ship (Ocean) means the shipment of commodities by ship in international, coast-wide, or inter-coastal transportation. This category also includes the shipment of commodities, especially bulk commodities, by barge, mostly within the United States.

The Disputes Resolution Branch provides the following audit services:

  • Adjudicates TSP claims and protests against the U.S. government in response to audit actions, as well as claims for additional charges (note: electronic copies of claims, doubtful claims and protest can be emailed to qmcadocrequest@gsa.gov; hard copies can be mailed to General Service Administration, Transportation Audits Division (QMCA), 1800 F Street, NW, Washington, DC 20405).
  • Oversees the implementation and performance of federal agency pre-payment audits.
  • Provides oversight and quality control evaluation of GSA post-payment audit contractors.
  • Notifies agencies of transportation management errors.
  • Identifies and reports irregularities in excess freight and passenger charges.
  • Provides technical advice and guidance regarding freight and passenger rates.
  • Serves as a liaison in resolving technical and administrative issues concerning freight and passenger transportation policies and procedures.
  • Acts as a intermediary between agencies and the TSP, if warranted.

If further assistance is needed, please send an email to the Disputes Resolution Branch at drbprotests@gsa.gov.

Last Reviewed: 2023-03-03