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What is eRETA?

The external RWA Entry and Tracking Application (eRETA) is the customer portal for Reimbursable Work Authorization (RWA) information integrated with GSA's financial management system, providing users real-time access to RWA project and financial information. Federal customers are required to send all RWA and RWA Work Request information to GSA via eRETA.

Formal agreements between GSA and a federal agency customer where GSA agrees to provide goods, services, or both, and the federal agency agrees to reimburse GSA's direct and indirect costs.

How do I log into eRETA?

Customers log into eRETA via the PBS External Portal ( Please visit our "How do I access eRETA page" for information on setting up your account.

  • NOTE: To help avoid login issues, only use as your browser's eRETA bookmark. Bookmarking any other link may result in difficulties logging into the PBS external Portal where eRETA is located.

Using eRETA and not sure what to do?

Visit the eRETA Training Materials page for Quick Tips, detailed user guides, and video demonstrations. You can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. If you can't find an answer to your question on any of these pages, contact

What does eRETA allow me to do?

  • Electronically submit new work requests
  • Enter your information directly into the system
  • Make edits/create amendments
  • Upload documentation to maintain an "RWA File"
  • Search and download all kinds of RWA information
  • Click HERE [PDF - 182 KB] for an eRETA one-pager providing background and benefits of using the system!

eRETA Quick Tips

Each month we release a "Quick Tip" on various system functionalities and updates. You can find the most recent Quick Tip below, as well as a list of all past Quick Tips here [PDF - 34 KB].

How can I use the direct data entry features?

Have an existing eRETA user ID?

  • Email us at to request an upgrade to the Data Entry role, and make sure to copy your supervisor and let us know that he/she is copied and affirms your need for upgraded access.

No eRETA user ID yet?

  • Follow the three step "eRETA User Account Request Process" outlined on the "How Do I Access eRETA" page on the navigation bar to the left. Step 1 will ask you if you want the Read Only role or Data Entry role.

How can I use the digital signature feature?

Everyone already has it, no user ID to eRETA is required.Signers just need a valid email address. See the "User Guide - Requesting and Applying Digital Signatures" below for more information on using Digital Signatures.

What is RETA versus eRETA?

While eRETA stands for external RWA Entry and Tracking Application, eRETA and RETA are technically one application; the primary difference is that GSA employees log in internally (via PBS Portal) whereas customer agency users log in externally (via GSA employees log into "RETA" and have access to Work Requests/RWAs associated with their GSA Region, while customers log into "eRETA" and have access to Work Requests/RWAs associated with their Agency Bureau code(s).

  • Despite the combined name of the single application, customer agency users should continue to refer to the RWA application as eRETA, continue to access this page using the shortcut, and continue to email questions/issues to

eRETA Annual Re-Certification

  • The PBS National Application Helpdesk (NAH) controls access to the PBS Portal in which eRETA resides. The NAH periodically sends an email notification of recertification to Users of the various PBS Applications. Should you receive an email notification of recertification and fail to submit the survey in that email, then the NAH will disable your access. In this case, you will lose access to eRETA, and be required to submit a new application for eRETA Access (See: "How Do I Access eRETA")

PBS Customer Dashboard

The PBS Customer Dashboard provides access to project and occupancy information for federal agencies with space managed by PBS. One of the four views in the Dashboard is the "My RWAs" section, which gives high level information related to open (ongoing, not complete) RWAs. More information on the Dashboard can be found here. Also for a crosswalk detailing the various features and data elements included in the Dashboard versus eRETA, click here [PDF - 120 KB].

The shortcut to this eRETA RWA Customer Portal page is

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