Leasing Policy

Leasing policy and procedures are reflected in the Leasing Desk Guide (LDG) and through other policy information such as Leasing Alerts, Lease Acquisition Circulars (LACs), and Realty Services Letters (RSLs).

Policies are effective until they are canceled by additional LDG issuances, Leasing Alerts, or LACs.

Leasing Desk Guide (LDG)

The LDG chapters contain authorities, policies, technical and procedural guides, and administrative limitations governing the acquisition of real property; use it to understand typical considerations, process steps, and requirements of lease acquisitions.

You may download the individual LDG chapters below.

Leasing Alerts

Lease Acquisition Circulars (LACs)

Realty Services Letters (RSLs)

RSLs are no longer issued. In any instance of overlap or discrepancy between an RSL and either a Leasing Alert or a LAC, the Leasing Alerts and LACs are the final authoritative source of leasing policy and guidance.

Last Reviewed: 2023-03-22