MAS Roadmap: Learn and Understand

  • Pathways to Success training
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Solicitation
    • Scope and Templates
    • Instructions Applicable to All Offerors

Pathways To Success Training

The Pathways to Success [PDF - 2 MB] training helps prospective MAS contractors determine whether obtaining a Schedule contract is in their best interest. It provides information on the GSA Schedule program, expectations of contractors, how to compete and succeed as a schedule contractor, how to develop a schedule-specific business plan, and how to submit a quality offer. This information will help you identify the Schedule contract that best fits your company’s product and service offerings. You’ll also learn what it takes to succeed in the MAS Program.

The people in your company who will be responsible for making decisions, marketing, managing, and working with your MAS contract should take this training. All authorized negotiators who will sign the contract actions related to your MAS contract must take this training.

The training explains:

  • How GSA Schedule contracts work.
  • How to succeed as an industry partner.
  • Details about the offer process.
  • What you need to do to be awarded and then administer a MAS contract.

The training is self-paced and may be downloaded here [PDF - 2 MB].

You must acknowledge in the GSA eOffer system that you have completed the training before you can submit your offer.

Readiness Assessment

The "Readiness Assessment [PDF - 171 KB]" helps ensure you’re ready to submit an offer under the right GSA Large Category, Subcategory, and Special Item Number, or SIN.

Your firm should have already read the Pathways to Success training, which is required before submitting an offer.

To complete the Readiness Assessment, you will use GSA online data sources identified assessment to find other companies that provide similar products and services, allowing you to determine whether your company can compete in that area.

This assessment must be completed by a company officer, e.g., C-suite, President, Vice President, etc., before you submit an offer. After completing the assessment, you must acknowledge in GSA eOffer that you have completed the assessment within the past 12 months before you can submit your offer.


To pursue a GSA Schedule contract, you must understand the requirements of the Schedule by reading the entire MAS solicitation.

The solicitation, including the category attachments, is GSA’s formal request for contractors to submit offers to obtain a Schedule contract. It provides detailed information and instructions, including:

  • Required elements of an offer.
  • Evaluation criteria used to evaluate your offer and determine whether or not to award a Schedule contract to your company.
  • Specific terms and conditions you will need to comply with as part of your contract.

Scope and Templates

It is important that you understand the scope of the GSA Multiple Award Schedule so that you can choose the right SINs for your offer.

The MAS solicitation, including the category attachments, identify certain attachments and templates that you must submit with your offer.

Please review the Scope and Templates page for more information.

Instructions Applicable to All Offerors

Solicitation provision SCP-FSS-001, Instructions Applicable to All Offerors, provides detailed instructions on the evaluation criteria, including technical requirements, price proposal requirements, past performance requirements, and, for services offers, relevant project experience requirements. A complete understanding of SCP-FSS-001 is essential to submitting a successful offer. It is important to read this provision, found within the solicitation, in its entirety.

New Offer Checklist

New offerors should utilize this Offer Review Checklist [XLSX - 857 KB] prior to submitting their offer. This checklist summarizes the minimum submission requirements for all MAS proposals. Please note that proposals may be rejected if they are found to be deficient under one or more of these requirements. In addition, Category Level requirements, as applicable, are outlined in their own Category Specific tab. Additionally, the Contracting Officer reserves the right to request additional information for an offer at any point in the proposal review process.

Last Reviewed: 2023-05-19