MAS Roadmap: Prepare

  • Register at
  • eOffer and FAS ID
  • Points of Contact

Register at System for Award Management, or SAM

If you want to apply for federal awards as a prime contractor, including under the GSA MAS Program, you need a SAM registration. For comprehensive instructions and checklist for entity registration, download the SAM Entity Registration Checklist.

Unique Entity Identifier

The Unique Entity Identifier is required to do business with GSA and it also serves as a company identifier. Obtaining a UEI is part of the SAM registration process. In SAM you will:

  • Request your UEI and register your entity to do business with the U.S. Government.
  • Make any updates to your legal business name and physical address associated with the UEI.
  • Find customer support at a single helpdesk for all UEI and entity registration issues.

eOffer and FAS ID

eOffer allows you to complete information, download and upload templates, sign, and submit your completed offer. eOffer often has specific requirements for how information should be entered, e.g., character limits, etc., which can be challenging to work through. To make it easier, you can save your work in the system and return to it. GSA contracting representatives and other staff cannot access your information within eOffer until you submit your offer.

It is important that you register for eOffer now and begin to familiarize yourself with the system and its requirements.

The first step in registering for eOffer is to obtain a FAS ID.

Note for new offerors who are registering for a FAS ID, please ensure that you are listed in SAM as one of the following points of contact:

  • Government Business POC
  • Electronic Business POC
  • Government Business Alternate POC
  • Electronic Business Alternate POC
  • Past Performance POC
  • Past Performance Alternate POC

The FAS ID User Guide is available here.

Points of Contact

  • Identify your points of contact within your business who will perform specific roles related to your offer and contract management. Identifying the right people within your organization is a critical step to ensure a smooth submission of your offer. You should identify your:
    • Authorized negotiators.
    • Pricing personnel.
    • Any other key personnel who will be involved in your offer submission.
Last Reviewed: 2023-05-02