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This is archived information. It may contain outdated contact names, telephone numbers, Web links, or other information. For up-to-date information visit GSA.gov pages by topic or contact our Office of Public Affairs at press@gsa.gov. For a list of public affairs officers by beat, visit the GSA Newsroom.

Date News Release Article
11/21/2022 Bannister Federal Complex completes $60M renovation
09/02/2022 Kansas Field Office gets motivated to find and fix workplace hazards
09/01/2022 Kiva Simmons-Lee earns DEI certificate from NYU
08/31/2022 Terrance Cowley named PBS acquisition director
08/29/2022 Coast Guard celebrates 40 years in Carlson building
08/24/2022 PBS Director Kelly Juarez to retire from GSA
08/17/2022 Shellie Gill named PBS Leasing director
08/15/2022 Chris Smith models customer service with CBP St. Louis display wall project
08/04/2022 Meet our Region 6 summer hires
08/04/2022 Wichita U.S. Courthouse gets exterior handrails update
06/29/2022 Josh Trader named PBS Design and Construction director
06/09/2022 Teamwork key during Region 10 relocation project
06/01/2022 Pride flag will fly at Kansas City federal building all month
05/31/2022 HACMAN RPA reduces processing time, saves money
05/24/2022 Groundbreaking ceremony marks start of construction on new FBI field office
04/27/2022 GSA welcomes Tianna Robinson to PBS
04/27/2022 Richard Lee to retire from GSA
04/19/2022 Benjamin Moore promoted to lease admin program manager
04/19/2022 GSA welcomes Ed Hubert to PBS
04/07/2022 GSA welcomes James Larson to FAS
04/07/2022 Stephen Kinsella promoted to HAC acquisition chief
04/06/2022 PBS Commissioner visits St. Louis
03/25/2022 PBS Director Zach Hawks to depart GSA
03/25/2022 GSA welcomes Forrest Hancock to FAS
03/22/2022 Tyler Sikes takes over as acquisition center deputy director
03/18/2022 Christin Gurgo joins Region 6 FAS CASE team
03/15/2022 Dale Storey promoted to senior building manager
03/15/2022 Ron Smith-Valenti promoted, moves to RAY
03/01/2022 GSA welcomes David Bagot to PBS
03/01/2022 GSA welcomes Brad Gill to FAS
02/17/2022 GSA welcomes Dane Anderson to PBS
02/15/2022 GSA welcomes Eric Oldsen to FAS
02/15/2022 Janelle Agnos is new occupancy management branch chief
02/15/2022 Cole White joins acquisition programs branch
02/08/2022 Cindy Clark joins Assisted Acquisition Services
02/03/2022 Gabriel Sanchez promoted to branch chief
02/01/2022 GSA welcomes Robert Kent to OCR
02/01/2022 Region 6 welcomes Chuck Stormer to PBS
01/20/2022 GSA welcomes Paul Merrick to PBS
01/20/2022 LJ Morris joins GSA Fleet
01/20/2022 Lea-Suzanne Avila joins Acquisition Management Division
01/20/2022 Stefanie Walters promoted to senior building manager
01/20/2022 Rick Morrow moves to building management at Bolling
01/20/2022 Pelikan reps fed community at St. Louis MLK observance
01/11/2022 Stephen Foley joins OAS Workplace Strategy Branch
01/11/2022 Joshua Harman named Hruska building manager
01/04/2022 Martha Myles retires from GSA
01/04/2022 Russell Luttrall joins GSA Fleet
01/04/2022 Tim Ronan takes over as new LAM in Nebraska