Facilities Category

When you need complete facilities solutions, GSA offers the following products and services needed to efficiently and successfully meet your mission-related goals. Through the utilization of pre-negotiated contracts with our industry partners, agencies save both time and money while having access to a vast array of items ranging from paper goods and toiletries, propane and cleaning chemicals, food services, janitorial and sanitation, and chemicals and hospitality services.

And we don't stop there - when you need complete buildings, building materials, and industrial products and services, GSA has you covered. The acquisition experts at GSA makes it easy for you to access our vast selection of products, including power-distribution equipment, warehouse supplies, air and water purification products, building materials, energy saving building supplies and alternative energy solutions, and related services.

These products and services, along with the Ancillary Repair & Alterations SINs, can be ordered to make a more complete solution. Pre-qualified contractors stand ready to support government buyers under the following Subcategories noted below:

Facilities Maintenance, Management and Repair covers services related to the complete facilities maintenance and management operations, including repairs of federal real property to include stand-alone facilities, hospitals, military installations, fuel storage facilities, energy systems, etc.

561210FAC: Complete Facilities Maintenance and Management

The following facilities maintenance services can be ordered as stand-alone or in multiple combinations:

  • Electrical services to include: High/low voltage systems and maintenance and repair of exterior electrical distribution system;
  • Elevator inspection and maintenance service;
  • Fire alarm system preventive maintenance and repair service;
  • Fire suppression system preventive maintenance and repair services;
  • Grounds maintenance - to include: Snow removal & landscaping;
  • Hospital Maintenance;
  • Janitorial/custodial services, to include collection and disposal of refuse and collection and disposal of recycle materials;
  • Laundry Services;
  • Locksmith services;
  • Maintenance of energy management control systems (EMCS);
  • Maintenance of renewable energy systems;
  • Maintenance support training and consulting services;
  • Mechanical and operations maintenance & repair of building systems to include: HVAC, boilers, chillers, etc.;
  • Operation and maintenance of water distribution systems and septic systems;
  • Painting (Davis-Bacon included);
  • Pest control services;
  • Plumbing operations & maintenance;
  • Refrigeration maintenance;
  • Repair of water tanks;
  • Telephone maintenance; and
  • Tree trimming.

The listed services can be performed as part of Base Operations Support Services (BOS) and Installation Maintenance contracts.

Facilities Services covers services necessary to maintain real property including operating staff to perform a combination of support services within buildings and the surrounding property. Real property to include stand-alone facilities, hospitals, military installations, fuel storage facilities, energy systems, etc.

Category Name Description
238320 Surface Preparation Services related to the preparation for application of chemical compounds to Federal vehicles, machinery and other. Does not cover passenger cards, trucks or buses
541690E Energy Consulting Services Including Energy Management Planning and Strategies, Metering, Energy Program Support, Building Commissioning, Energy Audit, Resource Efficiency Management (REM), or Water Conservation Services
561730 Grounds Maintenance Includes all services related to soil preparation, planting and cultivating grounds

Facilities Solutions includes support for facilities management systems, such as repair parts, surveillance systems, security functions, energy functions, building comfort systems. Typical building comfort systems to be integrated include: building automation, telecommunications, security, energy and environmental control, HVAC, etc.

Category Name Description
334512 Total Solution Support Products for Facilities Management Systems NOTE: Subject to Cooperative Purchasing
541513 Smart Buildings Systems Integration Includes the comprehensive integration of building systems and technology using a non-proprietary and open architecture.
561210SB Smart Buildings Systems Integrator Includes the comprehensive integration of building systems and technology using a non-proprietary, open architecture.
811310MR Machine and Equipment Maintenance Repair Includes maintenance and repair for commercial/industrial machinery and equipment, such as food machinery, cleaning equipment, and containers.

Facilities Supplies covers restroom products, waste and recycling containers and receptacles - outdoor and indoor use, waste and recycling containers and receptacles - outdoor and indoor use, doors, windows, skylights, panels, and shutters, hand floor cleaning equipment, floor care cleaning and equipment, gloves.

Category Description
322291 Restroom Products
326199 Waste and Recycling Containers and Receptacles - Outdoor and Indoor Use
332321 Doors, Windows, Skylights, Panels, and Shutters
339994 Hand Floor Cleaning Equipment
333318F Floor Care Cleaning and Equipment
339113G Gloves (e.g., electrician's, examination, household-type, surgeon's)

Food Service Equipment covers non perishable foods, food preparation equipment, sanitation and warewashing equipment, food center concepts, cooking utensils, refrigeration equipment.

Category Description
311423 Non Perishable foods Includes non-perishable provisions and food service support, such as water filtration units, portable water, non-perishable subsistence meals, beverages, portable kitchen units, etc.
333241 Food Preparation Equipment
335220 Sanitation and Ware washing Equipment
336999 Food Center Concepts
332215T Cooking Utensils
333415REM Refrigeration Equipment

This Subcategory covers roofing and stand-alone structures. The structures and buildings should be able to support emergency and disaster recovery efforts.

Category Description
238160 Roofing Products and Services Solutions: Includes roofing products, services and associated application materials. Includes sustainable, energy efficient/savings solutions, and installation and site preparation, related to and ordered in conjunction with products for repair or replacement of an existing roof
321991 Mobile Homes, Travel Trailers "Includes pre-engineered and/or prefabricated buildings and structures for storage solutions, such as leveling the trailer, maintenance agreements, and design assistance. NOTE: Excludes construction products and services.
332311 Above Ground Storage Tanks/Systems
332311P Pre-Engineered and Prefabricated Buildings and Structures for Storage Solutions
332312 Temporary and Permanent Structures (eg. portable roads, airstrips, helipads, ramps, and bridges)
532490P Lease/Rental of Pre-Engineered/Prefabricated Buildings and Structures

For a complete list of the available offerings under MAS, please view the "Available Offerings Attachment" on the GSA Available Offerings and Requirements page.

To learn more about GSA's Energy Services and solutions for managing andconserving energy, download the slipsheet.

Last Reviewed: 2023-04-05